AWP and Writerlyness

Last week I attended my first writers’ conference. I think this means I’m official and real now. I spent too much money and had an excellent time. The first day in particular was grand. Met cool and famous people, made connections, talked to other humans as humans do. Now I’m doing that thing again where I reevaluate where I am as a writer, what my goals are and how I intend to go about achieving them. Presently I have five novels under my belt and not a one of them has been published. I have an agent who is supposedly taking care of that while I sit back and twiddle my thumbs. But perhaps it is time that I start doing that thing where I go out in public and read in front of others. Look for news of this soon. Also, I might start making more regular posts here. Someday, even, someone might read them.

What will I post, you ask? I happened upon a pile of old journals and writing from when I was a teen. As you might guess, it is full of insightful, angsty gems. Expect those to start appearing soon. I used to draw a comic strip about my fat, gray, manx cat. Perhaps I will share that as well. If anything particularly cool happens, I’ll add that. And then of course, any and all great personal revelations.


One thought on “AWP and Writerlyness

  1. I love the idea of journalistic expression in blog posts. Sometimes personal revelations are the most insightful. As a writer with a literary blog, I think it sounds like you have a pretty good plan!

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