Sister Princesses

Borrowing on an idea from my cousin’s blog (click here), I’m posting a story narrated by my three-year-old. This was actually composed a few weeks ago when she tagged along, as she often does, to the grade school writing group I lead on Wednesdays. It is filled with adventure, wild animals, and cannibalism. Without further ado:

Sister Princesses
By Alice Jane Towell

That princess had magical pink powers. She built her rainbow castle. She is building and she said, “Enough!”

She iced her and mixed her up to ice.

Ajenna is the princess. She abominated her sister and she made a snow castle. Ice blasted until she covered the kingdom. She locked the door and closed it. And she will never come back again.

She—her name is a different girl. She was pink and blue princess. Her name was Rainbow. And she found a boy that was pink and silver and icy and he was definitely still silver. And she spelled letters with magical powers including her own lizard.

And that was a girl lizard. And she found a girl zebra. Rainbow found a girl zebra. It was Elsa because she’s from Frozen. And Anna was her sister. And it changed her. And that princess was not a rainbow princess anymore. She was Elsa the ice princess.

And Elsa bominated her sister and iced her all up and mixed her into chocolate ice that she could eat. Because she ate Elsa because she turned into chocolate and she will see her sister never again.

The end.


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