Microfiction Monday: Mother

Since I failed to post a microfiction piece last week, this week’s story is twice the normal length, coming in at just under 200 words.


A woman visits her daughter’s kindergarten class and speaks to a boy, telling him she’s his biological mother. After school, she drives both her daughter and the boy home.

“How can we both be your kids if we’re in the same grade?” the boy asks.

“You’re twins,” the woman says. “But I had to give you up when you were five months old.”

The woman plays an audio recording as they drive. The recording tells of a woman driving two kids when her car crashes and one of the kids dies. The boy realizes this is about to happen, but there is nothing he can do. They get in a wreck and the girl dies.

The woman takes the boy to a secluded house. She makes him pretend to be five months old, which involves wearing diapers, being dressed like a baby, and punishment if he doesn’t fulfill the role. But she lets him grow up quickly, and after a few short months, she says, “You’re ready for kindergarten. Soon you’ll meet your sister there.”

The woman visits her son’s kindergarten class and speaks to a girl, telling her she’s her biological mother.


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