Scars (or Moron and X, or Reunion of Broken Parts, or whatever I’ve decided to change the title to recently) is more than just a novel series; it’s an entire story world exploring the lives of two brothers nearly a generation apart in age as they process the betrayal of their father and their own ideas of sex, relationships, and family. The following is the full scope of the work as it stands. Items in bold are published. Items in italics are works in progress.


DAD excerpted from the first novel appeared in the May 2014 edition of Pif Magazine.
DIRT excerpted from the second novel won the 2014 Willamette Writers Kay Snow Fiction Award.
THE OPTIMIST is a short story prequel which takes place one week prior to the beginning of the first novel.


BGCOVERTFBLOOD GRAVITY is a prequel novella which takes place ten years prior to the first novel. With a mother buried in denial and a manipulative father who sexually abused him from age ten, college sophomore Jake Smith struggles in secret with anxiety and a self-injury addiction. When emotional fallout after a disastrous family camping trip leaves Jake unable to cope, fear that his five-year-old brother may one day suffer the same abuse is the only thing that can bring him back from the edge. This novella was released through Blue Skirt Productions in September 2014.


SCARS: The first novel in the series is the namesake. Told from the POV of older brother Jake just after he turns thirty, this novel follows what transpires when Jake’s fifteen-year-old brother Ben lands on his doorstep after outing their father for abuse. (Completed, unpublished)

A PERFECTLY NORMAL IDIOT: The second novel takes place approximately three years after the first novel ends and is told from the POV of the younger brother as he transitions awkwardly into adulthood, struggling with complicated relationships, addictions, and various mental and physical troubles. (Completed, unpublished)

I WANT TO BE STUPID: The third novel takes place a few more years after the second novel and the POV switches back to older brother Jake as he tries to find love and reconcile with a long lost family member all the while keeping Ben from spiraling out of control. (First draft completed)

*There are potentially two or more novels in this series


I have written a TV Pilot script for a 1-hour drama based on the series, together with a five-season show bible.


A graphic novel series is in the works featuring the artwork of Marylea M. Quintana Madiman, who provided the illustrations for Blood Gravity. This series is a set of stories drawn by the younger brother Ben’s character, showing his take on the world while filling in some of the time gaps between the stories. They will include fantastical elements and border on the surreal. Possibly a zombie farm animal uprising. You never know.


*Due to the nature of the subject matter addressed in these stories (sexual abuse and self-injury), I’ve created a page with a list of trigger warnings for the various works, along with links to resources. Some of these warnings may contain spoilers.*

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