Blood Gravity Prequel to the forthcoming Scars series. Published by Blue Skirt Productions.


Dad (Scars excerpt)published in the May 2014 edition of Pif Magazine.

Endless Ice (Pushcart nominated) published in the Spring 2014 edition of Menacing Hedge.

Uncertainty winner of the 2013 Women’s National Book Association writing contest. Published in Bookwoman.

Paper published in the Burnt Tongues anthology

Seed published in the Warmed and Bound anthology

On A Cloud published in issue nine of Colored Chalk


Edit My Paragraph! column at litreactor.com

The Indelicate Editor and Ten Second Writing Tips columns at BlueSkirtProductions.com


2013 Women’s National Book Association Fiction Contest: First Place for “Uncertainty

2014 Willamette Writers Kay Snow Fiction Contest: First Place for “Dirt




Scars series

Scars Two brothers, nearly a generation apart in age, struggle to bond in the wake of unspeakable abuse. 

A Perfectly Normal Idiot (sequel to Scars)

I Want To Be Stupid (sequel to A Perfectly Normal Idiot)

(There are potentially two more novels in this series that are as of yet unwritten)

Apocalypse Children Trilogy

Apocalypse Children Nearly two decades after an event known as The Purge severed links between people and a highly evolved computer network, gangs of youth known as “testers” grow in number and destructiveness. 

Consensus (prequel to Apocalypse Children, work-in-progress)

(The third book in the trilogy–a sequel to Apocalypse Children–is as of yet untitled)


Fall A young man with expressive aphasia learns to navigate the world on his own and seek out his true identity after tragedy. 


Scars 1 hour TV pilot episode and five-season show bible based on the novel series.


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